Traumeel injections treat a variety of musculoskeletal inflammatory conditions.  Traumeel injections are a homeopathic alternative to steroid injections.  Homeopathic meaning the medical agent is completely derived from minerals found in nature.  Traumeel is a natural blend of botanical and mineral extracts with the ability to neutralize inflammation allowing the body to heal properly.  Traumeel injections are a safe alternative to cortisone injections and have no side effects.  Cortisone injections are effective, but because of the side effects there is a limit to how many shots one can safely get.  Because traumeel injections have no side effects, they can be given as often as necessary.  In fact, athletes of all levels have treated their injuries with traumeel only, commonly avoiding steroids, anti-inflammatory medications and narcotics.  In my practice I utilize traumeel injections for Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, capsulitis, metatarsalgia and arthritic conditions.