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Pediatric Podiatry

Foot conditions can affect people of all ages, and children are no exception. At Twin Rivers Podiatry Easton, we understand the unique conditions and challenges children may experience when it comes to their feet. Dr. Kaplan has particular expertise in pediatric podiatry and often receives referrals from local pediatricians to treat various foot conditions in children.

Common Foot Problems In Children

Calcaneal Apophysitis

Calcaneal apophysitis, also known as Sever’s disease, is an inflammation of the growth plate at the back of the heel and typically affects kids between the ages of 8 and 14. Before age 14, the heel bone is not fully developed, and repetitive stress on the new bone that is forming at the growth plate during this time can cause severe pain and inflammation in the heel. If your children play sports such as soccer or basketball, they may be more prone to this condition.

Flat Feet, In-Toeing And Out-Toeing

As children learn to stand and walk, flat feet, in-toeing and out-toeing are common. However, if these conditions persist beyond toddlerhood, they can cause serious problems down the road. There are several ways in which flat feet, in-toeing and out-toeing can be treated in children. Dr. Kaplan will thoroughly examine your child’s feet and determine which type of treatment will be most effective for their condition, personality and lifestyle.

Plantar Warts

Children, teenagers and those with weakened immune systems are prone to developing plantar warts, which are soft tissue growths on the bottom of the feet that can become tender and painful. Dr. Kaplan uses a convenient plantar wart treatment called cantharidin for children. Fast and painless, this treatment causes the wart to blister and drop off due to a lack of blood supply.

Ingrown Toenails

Activities such as ballet, football and soccer can put children at a higher risk for ingrown toenails.  Symptoms may include swollen and tender skin next to the nail, pain when pressure is applied to the side of the toe and fluid around the toenail or an overgrowth of the skin surrounding the nail. Dr. Kaplan provides treatment to relieve this uncomfortable condition and prevent complications so your child can walk, run and play without pain.

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