Example of an ingrown Toe Nail | Twin Rivers Podiatry

An ingrown toenail occurs when the side of a toenail grows into the soft tissue. This causes pain, redness and swelling. Left untreated, an infection usually occurs. An ingrow toenail can occur on any toe but usually happens on the great toe. Causes of ingrown toenails include congenital, trauma (stubbing the toe), wearing a tight shoe and improper trimming of the nails.

Home treatment should include soaking the foot in warm water and empsom salts and wearing comfortable shoes or sandals until the condition resolves. If there is no improvement in several days or if an infection develops, one should call Dr. Kaplan. The offending nail spicule will need to be removed and the nail matrix is usually cauterized to prevent regrowth of the ingrown toenail. Antibiotics may also be necessary.