diabetic foot care
Diligent foot care is important for anyone who has been diagnosed with Type I or Type II diabetes. Twin Rivers Podiatry in Easton provides acute diabetic foot care as well as preventive treatment to keep you healthy and living an active life.

Complications Experienced By Patients With Diabetes

If you have diabetes, you may have already experienced the common symptoms associated with neuropathy, which include tingling, stinging, weakness and even loss of sensation in your feet. These are all signs of nerve damage, which often results from diabetes, but some could also be symptoms associated with PA weather conditions such as very cold winters and warm summers — seeing a qualified Easton podiatrist helps you understand the difference.

Other common complications might include cracking skin and infection, which can lead to more serious consequences (including amputation) if you don’t seek qualified treatment.

Diabetic Foot Care At Twin Rivers Podiatry

Dr. Kaplan will take special care to provide the diabetic foot care needed to prevent serious complications. He will remove dead tissue around the foot to keep calluses from forming and cracking, so as to protect the vulnerable layers of skin that can become prone to infection.

Diabetic foot care at Twin Rivers Podiatry also includes preventive measures to keep feet healthy and protect against the kind of chafing that can result in ulcers. By providing you with the kind of inserts and specially designed diabetic shoes that protect your feet, we can help stave off painful complications that can accompany diabetes.

Make An Appointment With Twin Rivers Podiatry For Diabetic Foot Care

If you’ve recently experienced tingling, stinging or loss of sensation in your feet, or if you’re concerned about ulcers or infections on your feet and toes, you should seek treatment to protect yourself against further complications. At Twin Rivers Podiatry in Easton, diabetic foot care is at the heart of what we do, and we’re devoted to helping you protect your feet. Contact us at 610-253-2251 or by using our contact us page to schedule an appointment today.