Diabetic Pain Relief

Diabetic footwear is available in our office through custom molding and fittings.

Don’t let your Diabetes restrict your mobility

One of the major consequences of Diabetes is Neuropathy. Neuropathy can cause pain, burning, tingling or numbness to your feet and lower legs. With loss of feeling or sensation, foot injuries may go undetected leading to wounds, ulcers or infections.

Diabetic complications may even lead to amputation. A majority of non-injury amputations are due to Diabetes.

Consult with your doctor to learn about preventative foot care

If you have Diabetes, you need to take better care of your feet than the average person. Prevent the worst foot complications by following a daily foot care routine:

  • Always wear shoes, socks or slippers to prevent injuries to your feet
  • Regularly check your feet for cuts or blisters
  • Moisturize your feet daily to prevent dry or cracked skin
  • Keep your feet clean, warm and dry
  • Consult a podiatrist for all foot related complaints, including corns and calluses

We carry a full line of Diabetic shoes with custom made inserts which maybe covered by Medicare. Diabetic shoes have been shown to decrease amputation rates in diabetics.

Consult Twin Rivers Podiatry – Easton to learn how to ward off foot infection with proper preventative care.