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When your feet hurt, it’s hard to concentrate on anything else. Dr. Robert Kaplan at Twin Rivers Podiatry Easton can help you get rid of bunions, warts and other conditions that cause discomfort. We want you to enjoy pain-free walking, sports and outdoor activities in the beautiful Lehigh Valley.

Foot Pain Treatment

Many conditions contribute to chronic foot pain. A bulging bump called a bunion grows outside the base of your big toe, corns and calluses often develop where the first and second toes overlap, and warts from viruses can grow on the pads of your feet. Dr. Robert Kaplan has helped patients overcome these and other issues for over 30 years, so trust your feet to his care.

Foot pain treatment starts with a personalized care plan to eliminate your discomfort. At Twin Rivers Podiatry Easton, we always look at therapy and nonsurgical options first. In some cases, surgical procedures might be necessary, but not until we’ve tried gentler methods. We also handle conditions that may not be painful but are unsightly, such as fungal infections.

Solve Aggressive Foot Conditions at Twin Rivers Podiatry Easton

If you have dealt with persistent foot pain for a long time, you owe it to yourself to pursue a permanent solution. Let Dr. Kaplan help you keep the following issues under control:

Even if less experienced podiatrists or general practitioners have told you to learn to live with your chronic condition, let our specialists check it out. You have nothing to lose, and we may be able to get you up and running at full capacity.

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