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Plantar warts are soft tissue growths that pop up on the bottom of your feet. They become tender and painful when the pressure of walking causes them to grow inward. Typically, the best plantar wart treatment involves removing it. At Twin Rivers Podiatry Easton, we administer a safe outpatient procedure to help you fall back in stride quickly.

What Causes Plantar Warts?

Plantar warts derive from the human papillomavirus, which enters the body through small breaks in the skin. Children, teenagers and those with weakened immune systems are prone to developing this condition. It’s also more common among athletes who walk barefoot in public showers, swimming pools and locker rooms. Fortunately, the treatment is relatively simple.

Plantar Wart Treatment

Dr. Kaplan uses cantharidin during plantar wart treatment. Secreted by beetles, it’s sometimes called “beetle juice treatment” and causes the wart to blister. The wart eventually drops off due to a lack of blood supply.

Cantharidin is fast and painless, so it’s a convenient plantar wart treatment for children. However, tenderness may occur after 24 hours and last for a few days.

At our Twin Rivers Podiatry Easton, Dr. Robert Kaplan applies cantharidin directly on warts. In four hours, you remove the cover and clean the area with soap and water to get rid of any remaining cantharidin. If you experience severe stinging or a burning sensation before the four-hour window, you can take off the covering and wash the area. Within eight hours, you develop blisters that indicate the chemical application killed the wart.

Surgical Removal

If the plantar wart returns to the same area or if it is extremely large or deep, surgical removal may be necessary. Dr. Kaplan walks patients through the best choices during the initial visit. We believe in a personal touch and know that you respond better when you fully understand what’s happening, so we encourage you to ask questions during the examination or at any time.

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