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Plantar warts are skin growths that are usually found on the heel and other weight-bearing areas of the feet. They are common in children, teens and the elderly and are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Plantar warts can be quite painful when standing or walking. At Twin Rivers Podiatry Easton, we use easy and effective cantharidin treatment for plantar warts.

What Is Cantharidin?

Cantharidin is a substance that is secreted by many species of blister beetles and has a long history in both folk and traditional medicine. Cantharidin is safe and works fairly quickly. Although cantharidin treatment for plantar warts is virtually painless, you may experience tenderness in the area for the first few days after treatment.

How Does Cantharidin Work?

Topical application of cantharidin causes blistering on your skin’s outer layer, breaking down the skin cells of the epidermis to get to the wart. The blister causes tissues that contain the HPV virus to peel away from the skin. Cantherone is a brand-name of cantharidin and may be combined with other agents that are effective for plantar wart removal, including salicylic acid and podophyllin BP.

Cantharidin Treatment At Twin Rivers Podiatry Easton

Dr. Kaplan applies cantharidin directly on warts and places a bandage over them. After four hours, at home you remove the covering and clean the area with soap and water to get rid of any remaining cantharidin. Some people experience a severe stinging or a burning sensation before the four-hour window. If this occurs, you can remove the covering and wash the area. Within eight hours, the blisters will develop and start killing the warts. With application and aftercare, complications from cantharidin treatment for plantar warts are rare. The area typically heals without scarring within seven days. If you see signs of infection or experience severe pain, rash or bleeding within a few days after treatment, please call our office.

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