For those who don’t know, a podiatrist is someone who specializes in treating the feet of humans. A podiatrist must attend school for an extended number of years and receives specialized training in numerous problems that can cause people to have trouble walking, running, exercising, and sitting. There are several reasons that people might want to visit the podiatrist.


Many people don’t realize that a podiatrist can actually diagnose and treat foot and ankle fractures. People who have point tenderness, or pain in a specific area of their foot, that is accompanied by swelling and pain with use may have a fracture. This is a good reason to visit a podiatrist, who can diagnose a possible fracture and recommend several different treatment options.


A bunion is a common problem that people can develop on their foot. This is an uncomfortable area of skin or tissue growth that can develop on the heel or the bottom surface of the foot. People who develop bunions can visit a podiatrist for removal. This can make it easier for people to walk and run without pain.

Ingrown Toenails

It’s not unusual for people to develop ingrown toenails at some point in their life. An ingrown toenail is a toenail that grows back into the skin surface. This can lead to pain while walking and possible infection as the toenail breaks the surface of the skin. A podiatrist is trained to remove and treat an ingrown toenail and can prevent a serious infection from developing.


While not a serious problem, calluses can make it difficult for people to balance due to extra skin that can develop on the surface of the foot. Calluses can be removed by a podiatrist who can also recommend ways to prevent calluses from returning in the future.

Ankle Sprains

Almost everyone has sprained their ankle at some point in their life. This can take a while to recover from depending on the severity while also limiting someone’s physical activity. A podiatrist is trained to treat ankle sprains, reduce pain, and prevent re-injury.

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