Symptoms Of Neuropathy In The Feet

doctor testing foot reflex

Understanding the symptoms of foot neuropathy helps you know when you might need to seek treatment. Dr. Kaplan and the experienced staff at Twin Rivers Podiatry Easton work with patients to learn about symptoms and appropriately diagnose foot problems to ensure high-quality, timely treatment.

Symptoms Of Foot Neuropathy

A common symptom of neuropathy in the foot is a feeling of numbness that gradually sets in and may begin to move up the ankle or leg. In some cases, individuals report feeling prickling or tingling more often than numbness.

Other symptoms of neuropathy can include:

  • Sensitivity in the foot to touch or pressure, making seams in socks or certain shoes unbearable
  • Pain that can be described as burning, freezing, throbbing or stabbing
  • Falling or lack of coordination due to loss of sensitivity in the feet or the limbs not responding correctly
  • Paralysis or muscle weakness in the lower extremities

The symptoms of foot neuropathy may also be signs of other health conditions, so it’s important to work with a foot care professional to achieve an accurate diagnosis.

Treatment Of Neuropathy In The Foot

The experienced foot doctor at Twin Rivers Podiatry Easton will complete a thorough exam to diagnosis any problems in the foot. The exam may include a full medical history, tests of muscle and tendon functions, nerve tests, imaging, blood work or biopsies, depending on the doctor’s observations and potential diagnoses.

Once foot neuropathy is diagnosed, treatment can include:

  • Medication to relieve pain or reduce inflammation
  • Physical therapy to improve foot functionality
  • Plasma exchanges to reduce immune system causes of inflammation
  • TENS unit therapy to reduce pain
  • Surgery to correct pressure on nerves
  • Better management of underlying conditions, such as diabetes

The type of treatment your doctor recommends will depend on the root cause of your neuropathy.

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